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Divorce in Ukraine

Frequently asked questions


Do I have to travel to Ukraine for the divorce?

No, personal presence is not usually required in Ukraine for divorce proceedings.

Is a year of separation required?

No. A year of separation is not a prerequisite for divorce in Ukraine.
Apart from a few exceptions (joint children up to one year old), the divorce petition can be filed immediately

Do I have to travel to Ukraine for the divorce?

No, we conduct the proceedings with a power of attorney by proxy.

How long does a divorce take in Ukraine?

According to the Ukrainian Code of Civil Procedure, a hearing must be scheduled within 30 days of filing a claim with the court.

However, these deadlines are usually not met. In any case, a Ukrainian divorce case consists of at least two hearings, a taking of evidence and the main hearing.

We are known for handling divorce proceedings as quickly as possible.

Does the other party have to agree to the divorce?

No, divorces can also take place against the will of the other party without any problems.

Consent is not required.

What happens if the ex-wife does not agree?

Then the divorce is contested. In practice, this is usually the case.

Are Ukrainian divorce decrees recognized abroad?

Yes, the divorces are recognized by the judicial administration in a recognition procedure.

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