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Divorce in Ukraine

Your lawyer for divorces in Ukraine for foreigners, divorce consequences, alimony in Ukraine and recognition of Ukrainian divorce decrees abroad


Divorces are usually not one of the most pleasant aspects of life, especially when the parties involved are of different nationalities and possibly reside in different countries with different legal systems.

Our law firm is a market leader in the field of divorces of binational marriages with Ukrainian spouses and foreigners. We have been working in this field in Ukraine and internationally for over 20 years.

During this time, we have conducted over 1000 divorces with foreign parties in Ukraine and thus have unrivalled practical experience in this field. This applies both to divorces on the merits and to divorce-related matters such as maintenance, division of property, custody, rights of access to children, etc. At the same time, we are familiar with the court practice, bureaucracy and procedural behaviour of Ukrainian parties.

Save time and nerves by working with us, leave the necessary formalities to us and concentrate on your new life.

It is also quite practical for foreign citizens to get divorced in Ukraine. This is usually much quicker than abroad, there is usually no need to wait for a year of separation and court dates are allocated much earlier than in most other countries.

In most cases, a divorce for foreigners in Ukraine is also associated with significantly lower court and lawyer fees. A personal presence in court is usually not required.

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