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Lawyers, business and tax consultants, interpreters.

As a German-Ukrainian law firm and business consultant with German management on site, we advise and support private individuals (private clients) and medium-sized companies. We employ lawyers, but not only lawyers. We are able to provide interdisciplinary services in Ukraine that go far beyond the scope of a traditional law firm. Many of our fields of activity have little to do with pure legal services. We always find the optimal solutions for legal and other problems.

Since the beginning of our activities in Ukraine, we have specialized in the field of civil law and here in the field of international divorces and consequential divorce matters, as well as general family law and here for a long time due to our unmatched competence and experience from thousands of successfully completed cases. Our support goes beyond simple divorces and we often show clients alternative solutions that they cannot see themselves.

Our employees, lawyers and interpreters work for you throughout Ukraine. The representation and support provided by our lawyers is supplemented by effective business advice, out-of-court problem management and translation services if required. This is usually essential for foreigners with little or no knowledge of the language or the country and is a basic requirement for successfully taking on a mandate.

Experience has shown that we pay particular attention to intercultural problems and country-specific particularities. We are better suited to this than our competitors, as our management team consists of Germans who have lived in Ukraine for over 20 years. At the same time, we employ experienced Ukrainian specialists who enable us to operate here “like at home”. The success story of our company since 2004 fully proves us right.

Every single business unit of Ahrens-Schwarz is excellently positioned and is supported by experienced experts with many years of local experience in Ukraine. This is why our interdisciplinary approach enables us to offer our clients special added value from the combination of our services, which is unique in Ukraine. We handle everything from a single source, through our interdisciplinary and binational company.

For international problems involving German and Ukrainian parties, experience has shown that conventional law firms, even if they specialize in foreign languages, are inadequate or even suboptimal solutions.

Our approach is always solution-oriented and therefore not limited to legal services. This is why our business areas are also defined according to problem areas and not according to legal fields like conventional law firms, as this is usually suboptimal for interdisciplinary problems.

For you, this means that we offer you assistance in all matters relating to both countries. Our specialists are active in various fields and we offer services from a single source, which is unique in both countries.

We have been operating an international law firm in Kiev with German and Ukrainian staff since 2004. This enables us to act for our clients in all areas of law in both Germany and Ukraine. Our local lawyers in Kiev are all employees of our company, i.e. not freelancers or loose practice groups. We are also the only local translation agency in Ukraine that has interpreters who are sworn in at German regional courts.

We are the market leader in most of our practice areas for the German audience. We are also one of the oldest law firms in Kiev specializing in German clients and issues. This gives us a considerable practical experience advantage over other providers.

We not only have sound theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience from almost 20 years of work and thousands of client relationships. We therefore already have package solutions for most problems that have been tried and tested over many years.

As a rule, we offer complete solutions at fixed prices. This means that you always have complete cost control and are safe from surprises.

We speak your language and also have unbureaucratic solutions for you.

Who is suitable for working with us?

Our clients are predominantly self-employed, medium-sized companies and private individuals. About half of them are Ukrainian citizens and the other half are Germans. In some areas also nationals of other countries. Here are some examples:

  • if you need general legal advice on Ukrainian law;
  • if you need general legal advice on German law;
  • Binational couples who want to get married quickly and unbureaucratically, safely and with minimum effort in Germany or Ukraine;
  • non-Ukrainian couples, without Ukrainian parties, who want to get married quickly and easily in Ukraine;
  • Binational couples who want to conclude marriage contracts that are valid in both countries;
  • Foreign and/or Ukrainian spouses who want to divorce quickly and with legal certainty;
  • Ukrainians who want to sue for maintenance for themselves or children in Germany;
  • Ukrainians who have received visa refusals;
  • Ukrainians who have received deportations and entry bans in Germany;
  • Persons who require Ukrainian documents such as birth certificates, divorce decrees or declarations of marital status;
  • Clients who require apostilles from Ukraine;
  • Clients who require apostilles from Germany;
  • Clients who require translations from sworn interpreters in Germany;
  • Clients who need notarized translations from Ukrainian notaries;
  • Foreigners who wish to purchase real estate in Ukraine;
  • Foreigners who want to establish companies in Ukraine;
  • Self-employed persons who want to benefit from Ukrainian tax saving schemes in Ukraine or in Germany;
  • Foreigners who wish to obtain an identification code in Ukraine;
  • Foreigners who wish to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Foreigners who want to emigrate to Ukraine;
  • Ukrainians who wish to renounce their Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Ukrainians who wish to register at the Ukrainian embassy as Ukrainians abroad and deregister in Ukraine;
  • Ukrainians who need passports;
  • Clients with Crimea/Donbass issues;
  • Clients who wish to apply for admission as ethnic German repatriates;
  • Clients who wish to apply for admission as Jewish quota refugees in Germany;
  • Students who wish to study in Germany or attend a preparatory college;
  • Ukrainians who require professional or higher education recognitions or professional permits;
  • Ukrainians who need professional recognition as doctors;
  • Ukrainians looking for work in Germany, including students;
  • Foreign employers who are looking for Ukrainian workers or just want to handle residence and labor law formalities and have already found Ukrainian employees themselves.
  • You can find out more about us when we get to know each other. We look forward to your inquiry.

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