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Company history


Our company was founded in 2004 by Peter Ahrens, Iryna Moschina and Josef-Georg Schwarz in Germany as a GbR and has also been active in Ukraine since then.

In the fall of 2004, we opened our first office on Ivan Franko Street in the center of Kiev. The first employees were Peter Ahrens (managing director), Alexej Drück (deputy managing director), Viktor Amelchenko (sales manager), Dr. Vsevolod Kobrzhytsky (business and tax law), Viktor Larionov (sales representative), Iryna Moschina (interpreter/translator) and Josef-Georg Schwarz (interpreter/translator). Initially, our company was only active as a translation and legalization agency. To this day, we are the only translation agency in Kiev that is able to provide translations by sworn interpreters in Germany.

Initially, we were mainly involved in the area of marriages and family reunification in Germany and Ukraine. Due to our increasing expertise and the existing demand, the focus of our work shifted increasingly to the area of advice in German and Ukrainian legal matters – immigration, administrative and commercial law as well as tax and family/civil law. In addition, more and more clients entrusted us with company formations in Ukraine and Germany. Our services now also increasingly include commercial law issues.

At the end of 2005, we moved to our new office at 23 Bohdan Chhmelnitsky Street, as our old office had become too small due to the increasing client traffic. In addition, our office was now in the immediate vicinity of the German Embassy in Kiev.

Our sales manager Viktor Amelchenko also left us at the end of 2005. He was replaced by his successor Igor Zaporozhets. Since this time, we have had a long-standing cooperation with our partner company DHL, which guarantees our customers fast and secure document transportation. Since the beginning of 2006, we have also been an official partner company of DHL.

At the end of 2006, our deputy managing director Alexej Drück left us and his main responsibilities were taken over by Igor Saporoshets and our new clerk Oksana Pryhornytska, who joined our company in 2007.

Since 2007, there has been further cooperation with the German cultural association Widerstrahl and the August language school. Since then, another field of activity of our company has been the organization of training, study and boarding school stays in Germany.

In 2008, we founded our law firm with the appointment of attorney Sergei Petrusenko and are now also able to represent the legal interests of our clients in Ukraine.

Since 2008, we have been supporting numerous interns from Shevchenko University and MAUP University in Kiev in a special program. Since 2009, the August language school has been accredited as an ÖSD examination center. These examination certificates are valid, among other things, for late repatriation procedures and admission to university in Germany.

Since 2009, we have had a very close partnership with our German lawyer colleague Matthias Schmidt, who represents the interests of our clients in all areas of law in Germany.

In the summer of 2011, our long-standing sales manager Igor Saporoshets left us. Since then, his duties have been carried out by our experienced employee Oksana Poteltchak and our newly appointed clerk Xenia Pugatschowa.

In spring 2014, our new lawyer Jana Galkina joined the firm and completed our team. This enables our company to meet the current needs of our clients.

Since summer 2012, we have also been active for our clients on the German and Ukrainian real estate market.

In the winter of 2013, we moved to our current office at 11 Antonovycha Street (formerly Gorky Street) in Kiev, where we are still active today.

In 2018, we established our employment agency with a focus on placement and document processing for the German labor market. We place skilled workers with a university degree or vocational training, as well as seasonal student workers, especially in Germany.

Our latest project is the establishment of a business and economic consultancy in 2019, for international tax savings models, asset outsourcing and company formation in Ukraine, which also supports private individuals in emigration or the creation of a second home in Ukraine.

We have become market leaders in most of the sectors in which we operate.

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